Today – Day One of My Blog

Today I am starting this blog to walk through my journey.  Today I have hope.  I believe that my child was given to me for a reason and that while I know I love her, I do not feel bonded.  That scares me.  I want to feel bonded.  I want to feel happy and not sad and over whelmed.  I am doing everything I can to recover.  I am taking medication.  I don’t want to take medication, but I am.  I am afraid as we have increased the dose this week and I am waiting to see how I do with it.  I am going to therapy.  I am paying a support person to sit with me in the evening three days a week after work until my husband comes home to help.  I am going to Yoga twice a week.  Mostly I am praying to God to help me through.  I want to be the mother that God intended me to be.


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